Our Vision, Mission & Policies

Our Vision

The Company’s vision is to be a leader in the ship management industry and the number ONE of the independent physical suppliers, always aiming at expanding towards new horizons and new markets worldwide by forging strategic alliances with new or existing customers.

Our Mission

The Company is committed to provide world-class bunkering services that meet or exceed safety, environmental and customers’ requirements and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects human health, safety, environment and property.

Our Values

  • Commitment to Ethical Standards
  • We act and take decisions in line with our principles (code of ethics).
  • Fostering Teamwork
  • We are willing and able to work as a team, support each other and develop positive and open relationships within the working environment, thus, solving problems and achieving our business goals.
  • Dedication to customers
  • We demonstrate dedication, responsibility and consistency in all business transactions and behave according to our principles.
  • Excellence in Operations
  • Excellence is achieved through our commitment in providing very high standard services.


Company’s Top management provides evidence of commitment to the development and implementation of the SMS and continually improving its effectiveness by:

  • communicating the importance of meeting the customer’s as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • establishing the Company’s policies;
  • ensuring that Company’s objectives are established, and
  • conducting management reviews.
  • conducting Senior Leader visits on board company’s vessels, thus promoting the “Leading by example” method and emphasizing its commitment.

The Company determines, provides and maintains the infrastructure needed to achieve the specified or implied requirements of its customers. Infrastructure includes, as applicable:

  • buildings, work space and associated utilities;
  • process equipment (both hardware and software); and
  • supporting services (e.g. communication or information systems).

The Company determines and manages the work environment, both on board the ships and in the shore-based office, as needed to achieve conformity to the requirements of the provided services.

The Company’s Top Management provides the resources essential to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customers’ requirements and to establish, implement, maintain and improve the SMS. Resources include human resources and specialized skills, organizational infrastructure, technology and financial resources. Resources also include personnel suitably trained to perform verification activities, including internal SMS audits.


It is Company’s Policy to promote Safety and Health at Sea, Prevention of Human Injury or Loss of Life and endeavors to earn the confidence of the ship-owners, charterers, seafarers and the Marine Industry in general and be recognized as a High Quality, Trustworthy and Dependable International Manager.

The Company’s objectives regarding Safety, Health and Quality Management are:

  • To provide safe and healthy work practices and conditions, and to establish a proactive approach against safety risks, endeavoring at all times to prevent accidents affecting human life and health.
  • To prevent damage to the ship and her cargo.
  • To establish safeguards against all identified risks.
  • To prevent loss of human life and personal injury.
  • To provide quality, professional ship management services to owners and charterers, protect their interests and assets under its care and fulfill all their expectations.
  • To continuously improve Safety Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related to Safety, Health & Quality.


It is the Company’s Policy that no employee serving on a managed ship, in whatever capacity or rank, shall undertake normal assigned duties, or operate any equipment, or navigate a vessel whilst impaired by drugs or alcohol or whilst there is any risk of impairment. Alcohol impairment levels are clearly defined in the Oil Companies Marine Forum guide-lines (OCIMF) and the Blanket Declaration, which forms an integral part of this Policy, as a blood alcohol content of 40mg/ml or greater.

In the interest of safety on board and at sea and for the benefit of the health and welfare of all crew members, a number of rules, has been set and complied with rigidly.

Key points as follows:

  1. The Company runs alcohol free vessels. Alcohol impairment or intoxication will not be tolerated onboard at any time and in any case.
  2. The possession, consumption, trafficking and sale of alcohol and/or drug substances aboard are prohibited.
  3. The possession or consumption of any substance that may cause an individual to behave unusually in the course of performing his duties is prohibited.
  4. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages and liquor, e.g. beer, brandy, vodka, whisky, wine, etc. aboard is prohibited.
  5. Joining or returning to the ship with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of 40mg/100 is prohibited.
  6. The carriage and possession of any drugs other than regular prescription or over-the counter drugs are prohibited.
  7. Prescription drugs may only be used with a legal prescription from a registered medical practitioner and / or under issue from the ship’s Medical Chest.
  8. Crewmembers are to inform the Master upon joining the ship of any prescription drugs they have in possession.
  9. Personnel are reminded that besides dismissal, drugs use may result in prosecution and severe penalties in certain countries.
  10. Prohibited substances include: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Cannabis, Opiates, PCP, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Mathaqualone, Methadone, Propoxyphene, and Ecstasy.

The Company’s goal is to achieve ZERO accidents and ZERO spills,
as well as the highest standards of health and personal hygiene through continuous improvement.


The purpose and objective of this Policy is to protect the company’s information assets from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental, to ensure operations continuity, minimize damage and maximize return on investments and relevant industry opportunities.

To fulfil these objectives, the management is committed to the following approach:

  1. It is the Policy of the Company to ensure that:
    • Information and Systems identified as vulnerable to Cyber-attacks will be protected from a loss of confidentiality (note 2), integrity (note 3) and availability (note 4).
    • Regulatory and legislative requirements are to be met.
    • Cyber Security Contingency Plans have been produced for support.
    • Cyber Security training will be available to all staff.
    • All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, will be reported and investigated.
  2. Guidance and procedures have been produced to support this policy. These include incident handling, information backup, system access, virus controls, passwords and encryption.
  3. The role and responsibility of the Information Security Officer is to manage information security and to provide advice and guidance on implementation of the Cyber Security Policy.
  4. All managers are directly responsible for implementing this Policy within their departments.

It is the responsibility of each employee/crew member to adhere to the Cyber Security Policy